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Pre Marriage Counseling

Pre-Marriage Counseling

The most essential ground rule to live a happy married life is to accept our spouse the way they are. Everyone has different beliefs, thinking patterns, opinions, and viewpoints. So it is natural that no two people think alike. Hence, we can say that marriage is a merger of two separate sets of beli

Post Marriage Counseling

Post-Marriage Counseling

Every marriage faces hard times. Sometimes we overschedule our time or money, and the pressure builds. Sometimes an unexpected illness or accident threatens our well-laid plans. Sometimes our attempts at a project result in only frustration, or a misunderstanding creates hard feelings. Sometimes out

About Satyamani, a unit of Satyamani as it specifies "GEM OF TRUTH" provides Coaching, Mentoring and Counselling for healing & strengthening the body, mind and soul through various methodologies. The organisation has empowering individuals and families to have a happy life with a proven track record. With well qualified expertise and nearly 36 years of prolonged experience in providing solutions utmost care is taken to provide the specially crafted services suitable for each and every individual. Further, we have been providing commendable and rigorous training facilities and seminars on non- conventional healing therapies.

At, a unit of Satyamani, our team is specialised in Aura analysis, Crystal Therapy, Meditation, Numerology, Reiki, Vastu Consultancy, Pre-Marriage counselling and Post-Marriage counselling. In the process we have provide needs based solutions to our clients coming from different walks life. At Satyamani you will get the best marriage counselling. For Pre and Post marriage counselling we have the best marriage counsellors. We also organize marriage counselling workshops., a unit of Satyamani Corporate Profile

The group is managed and guided under the expertise of Dr. Anoop Agarwal a renowned Counsellor, psychologist, Numerologist, Aura Reader, Usui Reiki Master, and a Vibration crystal Healing Therapist. The registered panel consist of renowned Counsellors, Psychologist, and Physiatrists. Dr. Anoop Agarwal conducts a number of workshops, seminars, Spiritual & Health programmes on Television for the benefit of public at large. He is been honoured with many testimonials and awards.

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Success Stories

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Arishka Shukla

I want to do Love Marriage and according to me Love Marriage should be made compulsory. But had a great doubt that whether it will be successful or not. No one is there to guide us. Whatever we gathered knowledge; we got it from our friends. The lack of right person is missing.


I don’t want to be in any relationships. This marriage concept should be there in the society. Everyone has a right to live according to their own ways. On the other side my elders and family members say that marriage is compulsory and it is to be done. I had a doubt which system is right?

Bhavya Singh

According to me marriage is not necessary. One can pass his/her time without marriage also. I am not sure whether I am right or wrong. In the current situation we are not in a position to take responsibility. Life should be free and there should not be any bounding.


Wife should be cooperative and can be according to the filmy stories. But in practical world haven’t found any couple like that. Then was in search of right persons to guide and tell us about the black and white of the marriage. Thanks God as I came across to the SATYAMANI.

Manish Kumar

According to me boy and girl should live together before marriage to understand each other. In other words we can say live in relation should be allowed in the society. If both of them agreed upon then they should go for marriage. Once I submitted this idea to my parents a got good back fire from them. Since then I am much confused and scared of this marriage concept.

Shivani chohan

I am much tensed with the marriage concept. Everyone submit their own experiences, I am much confused and not able to decide. Is there anyone who can suggest rightly?

Latest Blogs

Successful Relationship Marriage
  • 17-02-2018

Successful Relationship Marriage

By: Satyamani Counseling

If we treat Life as a school then experience will be our greatest teacher. In our lifetime, we enter into various relationships and each one teaches us energetic truths for our own spiritual growth. Relationship/Marriage teaches us mutual respect, mutual love, understanding, tolerance, and sense of responsibility.

Some Rules of Successful Relationship Marriage
  • 17-02-2018

Some Rules of Successful Relationship Marriage

By: Satyamani Counseling

All communication requires two basic necessities-a speaking voice and listening ear. Relationships are superficial if we do not listen carefully. Most of us practice selective listening, switching off and on as it suits us. Listening is an art that we all can learn.

Important steps of Successful Relationship Marriage
  • 17-02-2018

Important steps of Successful Relationship Marriage

By: Satyamani Counseling

No man and woman are ever perfect. Weaknesses and imperfections abound in each of us. We surrender to anger, falsehood, and partiality and hate so easily and so often. An important part of the relationship is to understand and make grants for the failings of your partner.