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Aura Analysis

Aura Analysis

Aura Analysis

There are 4 facets to perceiving and interpreting the energy of the aura. Layers are determined by color variations. Within the color, the shape, consistency and clarity all determine the meaning of that layer. These combination colors generally take on the combined meaning of the primary colors.

In certain circumstances, red equals anger, brown equals’ deception. Therefore a reddish brown aura would be a combination of both. The clarity or brightness of the color also plays a key role in color interpretation. Very often a color that appears cloudy has the opposite meaning of its vibrant and clear counterpart. A vibrant yellow generally means the subject is successful and modest. A dull or cloudy yellow indicates frustration and a tendency to be vain.

The location, consistency and clarity of a color within the aura help to determine their full meaning. A clear, vibrant, and consistent yellow about the head indicates intelligence, wisdom, and success. But if just one of these parameters is modified, the meaning of the color can change. A vibrant yellow around the chest area could indicate compassion, patience and a willingness to give.

As a person's general attitude and health changes, so does the primary energy field around the body. But every action, physical or mental, creates energy and affects the aura. Therefore, sudden emotions or thought patterns can generate instant energy patterns or peaks in the energy flow. This type of energy appears as a spike shooting out from one part of the body or as a lightning bolt across the entire aura. Emotions or sudden thought patterns may not last for a long period of time; therefore the energy they produce is also quick and sudden.

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