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Successful Relationship Marriage

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Successful Relationship Marriage

Successful Relationship Marriage

  • 17-02-2018
  • By: Satyamani Counseling

If we treat Life as a school then experience will be our greatest teacher. In our lifetime, we enter into various relationships and each one teaches us energetic truths for our own spiritual growth. Relationship/Marriage teaches us mutual respect, mutual love, understanding, tolerance, and sense of responsibility. As per our scriptures, men and women are undoubtedly different physically, emotionally and temperamentally and both are incomplete without each other. Each needs the other and each has to learn much from other. Men have strength, determination, energy, stamina, and guts where women have great sensitivity, spiritual aspirations, and the spirit of sympathy and sacrifice. Men rely on their intellect mostly and women have sensitivity

Relationship/Marriage is the commitment for the lifetime. It is a sacred union, permanent lifelong relationship and is everlasting. To have the successful Marriage one should see that anybody can laugh together, but a loving couple can cry together. In relationship or marriage, being the right person is far more important than finding the right person. A person must study the temperament of the individual and see how far your temperament will be in harmony with each other. When you are emotionally involved then it’s very difficult to judge the character of the person you love. So, a person should not to be misled by appearances and misjudge the character of the person you are going to marry.