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Some Rules Of Successful Relationship Marriage

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Some Rules of Successful Relationship Marriage

Some Rules of Successful Relationship Marriage

  • 17-02-2018
  • By: Satyamani Counseling

Listen to Your Partner

All communication requires two basic necessities-a speaking voice and listening ear. Relationships are superficial if we do not listen carefully. Most of us practice selective listening, switching off and on as it suits us. Listening is an art that we all can learn.

Appreciate Your Partner

All of us yearn to receive compliments which assure that we are loved and appreciated. Nowadays, couple peruses careers and live hectic professional lives, so it’s very important for them to take a time-out to talk, share and express feelings to each other. They should learn to share and appreciate each other’s taste.

Understand Your Partner

Understanding human nature is indeed a complex and challenging art. Each human being is unique- a thoughtful and secretive being. Understanding is most precious quality a person possesses. It requires kindness, empathy, tolerance, patience and a healthy respect for other’s interest. The best way to understand is to be understanding i.e. to observe something from the bottom to top. Unfortunately, we are losing the ability to understand others. Every time we keep on finding mistakes of others instead of understanding.

Forgive Your Partner

No human being is perfect on this earth. Therefore no relationship is perfect either. Misunderstandings accidents and quarrels are unavoidably occurring in any relationship. Some of us forgive easily but cannot forget. Forgiveness is the characteristic quality of selfless and unconditional love. It should not be based on logic, methodology, justice and must be spontaneous. It is simple and straightforward; you accept your partner’s shortcomings still continue to love.