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Important Steps Of Successful Relationship Marriage

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Important steps of Successful Relationship Marriage

Important steps of Successful Relationship Marriage

  • 17-02-2018
  • By: Satyamani Counseling

Don’t Expect Perfectionism

No man and woman are ever perfect. Weaknesses and imperfections abound in each of us. We surrender to anger, falsehood, and partiality and hate so easily and so often. An important part of the relationship is to understand and make grants for the failings of your partner.

One should expect spouse for what he or she is, not for what he or she would be, could be or should be. It’s good for us to go with a clear-eyed realization that life has its limitations and relationship has their store of problems. We suffer from painful disappoint when we find the reality of life is not matching with our fantasy. We face disappointment and frustration and feel cheated when we expect too much from our relationship in the first place. When we adopt a realistic and compassionate approach to our partner and life, we grow in understanding and maturity and our relationship become rewarding.

Avoid the Serious Fight

Every relationship has its share of misunderstandings and differences but the wise person learns from it. Constant quarreling can damage any relationship but if the disagreement is constructive and handled in the right way it can actually strengthen the relationship. There is no need for a couple to conform to each other, think alike or have similar perspectives. Rather these differences must be cherished and accepted as opportunities to learn more and more about our partner and in the process reach a better understanding of us.

When a quarrel arises, both just speak in anger and respond with more anger. If one wishes the bad mood to end quickly then both of the partners must learn to control themselves. When we exercise self-control, we are cutting off fuel to the fire, which is sure to die quickly. In emotionally charged crises, one should not reply back or counter punch.