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Relationship Intimacy Are you ready

Relationship Intimacy Are you ready

  • 06-02-2019
  • By: Satyamani Counseling

Generally, everyone around here looks for some kind of intimacy in their relationships. What they don’t know is which type of intimacy they are seeking at that moment. As intimacy comes in various forms and different people are in need of different intimacy. Unfortunately, society often takes only of sex, when they think about intimacy.

A marriage without intimacy cannot be successful. There are effective Pre and Post Marriage Counselling in Delhi which can lead people to live a better life while understanding their partner more. The main objective here is to help you deepen the level of intimacy in any relationship by helping to identify the various kinds of intimacy. Let’s start with outlining the six types of intimacy:

Physical Intimacy: It is associated with sexual intercourse mostly, but often includes very important factors such as touching, hands holding, hugging and cuddling.

Verbal Intimacy: It is associated with self-disclosure and includes the sharing of thoughts, viewpoints, ideas, and suggestions. A major element of verbal intimacy is to give and receive feedback to one another.

Emotional Intimacy: It is tied to sharing all sorts of feelings to the other person. The couples who are good at emotional intimacy do share both good and bad emotions. They are certainly comfortable sharing their fears, excitement, worries, as well as happy times with each other.

Intellectual Intimacy: It consists of sharing mutual interests and ideas. The couples who have developed this intimacy found areas of interest that they enjoy doing together like, reading books, watching movies, and attending plays etc.

Spiritual Intimacy: It is greatly described by some couples who share common beliefs and values in life. They find peace in attending religious services together and think this as a way to strengthen their relationship.

Psychological Intimacy: It is generally described in the literature as emotional intimacy. Though, the field of psychology tries to understand the role and nature of humans in social dynamics as this term is more than just emotional intimacy. has the Best Marriage Counsellor in Delhi for healing and strengthening the soul, mind, and body. This organisation has empowered many individuals and families to have a happy life with a proven track record.