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Body Image Anxiety

Body Image Anxiety

Body Image Anxiety


Body Image and Anxiety as the name suggests one being overly conscious of one’s look with little or no focus other important aspects of life.  We lived in a society where beauty and looks are given top most important and these people easily get respect and attention they want.

This issue is also characterized by anxiety and a fear of interacting with other people or engaging in social activities. If you think you may be in fact struggling with body image disorder, it is crucial to seek out professional help and treatment.

Anxiety that often comes with this disorder will not simply subside on it’s own. There are forms of treatment that can help a person dealing with body dysmorphic disorder recover and effectively deal with any subsequent anxiety.

How the Body Is Used to Cope with Anxiety

There may also be people who perhaps hyper focus on body image is an unconscious way of dealing with anxiety. When issues is in one’s life seem too difficult or overwhelming, internalizing feelings towards oneself can become a negative way of coping when there are no alternatives.

For instance, a person who feels bad about something that may have happened in a relationship with someone may channel those feelings towards themselves and how they feel about their body. Thoughts may arise such as, “If I only looked a certain way, this would not have happened”, or “If only I were thinner, I would be loved, accepted, wanted….”, etc.

Separating anxiety and feelings from body can be challenging, especially if this is a pattern that you have learned to live with some time. If this is the case for you, know that there is  professional help available for guiding you through the recovery from an anxiety disorder.

Rebuilding body image is possible with the support of professionals who can help you effectively deal with anxiety.

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