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Confidence Build up

Confidence Build up

Confidence Build up

Confidence is a combination of a state of mind and a strong feeling of self-belief. It greatly impacts in how to respond or react to the world.

Confidence is the essential key element in getting the success. A confident person looks attractive and assures to deliver good work, make better decision for any task even if he had never done that before. For instance during a job interview you level of confidence matters a lot. Candidates get selected having more confidence than others.


Now what is it that we need to know about confidence?

First and foremost, Confidence is all about believing in yourself, understanding yourself and not judging. It helps to overcome fears and a lack of confidence can lead to paralysis from fear. 


Also understanding our fears  may or may not be ours since we pick up our thoughts from our environment (family, school, office, relationships etc), thus we sub-consciously pick up  habits, strengthens and fear likewise in our journey of life.


Henry Ford said, “Whether you think you can, or you think you can't — you're right.”


Lack in confidence can be extremely painful for anyone to live with. A person with lack of confidence gradually falls into the trap of self-loathing, anxiety, depression or even to the point of addiction.

Thus, it is important to keep your confidence under check if you already have it. Also, it is recommended to seek for professional guidance or a counsellor if it is lacking before it worsen.

If you face more than 3 of the below issues, it is good to reach out for professional help or contact us:

1.       Shame. Shame is one of the main symptoms of low self-esteem.

2.       Pessimism. Unable to think in positive way about yourself or life.

3.       Exaggeration.  Saying things more than required

4.       Blaming oneself or others for any failure.

5.       Unable to define boundaries in fear of losing a relationship.

6.       Putting Others Down to feel you did well.

7.       Social Withdrawal – avoiding social interactions.

8.       Physical Symptoms – low energy, fatigue, unable to sleep, insomnia, indigestion.

9.       Controlling Behaviour – you feel the need to control in both professional and personal relationship.

Many of the issues in our lives are resolved by just being confident. Need to know more about yourself or want  to improve your confidence, enrol for our course for more assistance.

If you're not sure whether you're growing or if you're still stuck or unable to inculticate this quality pick up the phone and contact us on 9899-291-202 or 9625-06981. We have helped thousands of families and professional individuals to be the best version of themselves with every passing day.

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