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Develop Go Getter Attitude

Develop Go Getter Attitude

Develop Go Getter Attitude


Oprah Winfrey, J.K. Rowling, Steve Jobs, Sachin Tendulkar, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Azad and many others are / were pioneer of their fields. Their names stand out when we think of all time achievers. Is it the intelligence or creativity or just good network or luck?

No doubt to a certain extent all of the above is needed, a high achiever actually goes out there and puts themselves into a position to get to know very specific kinds of people that have the knowledge, experience, and resources to help them get ahead in life.

A go getter is not a far-fetched term and plays an instrumental role in being a leader. It is a state-of-mind built with what we chose to manifest in us. It grows in the way one perceives and interacts with the world around them. It’s something that one has, that’s not immediately evident, and yet it’s something that comes to light through every action one takes and every decision one makes.

A Go-Getter mentality is something that nobody is really born with, it is rather something that we progressively nurture over time. It is something that we BECOME as a result of how we have interacted with the world around us. And as a result, this Go-Getter mentality helps us to do more and achieve more in life.

Lack of this mind-set can certainly put you into trouble if not now but later when you at heights. Only few people choose this mind set as it requires to be attentive, flexi able and adaptable all the time. It’s not that other people are not capable, they just simply don’t have the right attitude, nor enough inner drive and desire to push through the pain required to cultivate a Go-Getter mentality.

To achieve the success you want. You can review yourself quickly :

1 .  Flexible Planning and Awareness

High achievers know that setbacks and unforeseen circumstances are always on the cards when it comes to goal achievement and therefore they plan head of the possibilities to adapt to the changes. Many opportunities pass people by simply because they failed to grasp them when they had their chance.

2. Support Network

Go-Getters are constantly building and growing their social and professional networks. They understand that a capable set of network of people is an important support to whom they can help for apt help and guidance.

3. Unshakeable Self Confidence:

More than others they rely upon themselves to achieve their goals and their confidence supports them crack a deal, get through the tough days and resolve issues seamlessly.  This built mostly in the childhood and as an adult it it good to seek professional guidance to inculcate this attribute.

4.  Endurance and Mental toughness.

Go getters are not worn out by problems or setbacks. They understand that problems bring opportunities for growth, so they lean in and focus on achieving more than being distracted by issues.  Instead of being overwhelmed by the problem, they instead look for solutions and find ways to make things work. While the average person lives with regrets about what they didn’t or couldn’t do, the Go-Getter revels in the knowledge that they’ve done their very best to move forward in an optimal way. There is consistency in their work understand that they need to just keep chipping away until they build up the necessary momentum for their goals.

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