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Develop Self Belief

Develop Self Belief

Develop Self Belief

Belief is an acceptance of a fact or information mostly which does not require any proof for validation. It comes from our experience and thoughts over a period of time and we follow it unconsciously. Belief is powerful --- as every cell of your body resonates with it.

Among the various beliefs, Self- belief has been most important of all. It is confidence in one own’s  skin, ability and actions and without it one may struggle to reach to your full potential and live a less fulfilling life. It is an important indicator of success and is built on our past experiences.

Self Belief is also Self Confidence which crosses path with self-esteem but it isn’t the same. Self-esteem is a fairly stable trait that doesn’t change many in individuals—unless they put in some dedicated effort to improve it. It can generally be defined as our beliefs in our own inherent value, worth, and how deserving we are of love, happiness, success, and other good things in life.

On the other hand, self-confidence focuses on the ability to succeed and beliefs about one’s likelihood of succeeding like more of a doing act.

The two are certainly related, but it is easy to see where the line is drawn between them; self-esteem is about the success you feel you deserve, while self-confidence is about the success you feel you are capable of achieving.

Not only Self Belief contributes to your success but comes with various other desirable benefits:

Research shows that self-belief contribute to:

·         Better overall health, because they deal with stress and difficult emotions better.

·         More time for their families and friends, since they tend to set healthy boundaries and leave work at the office.

·         Better relationships thanks to healthy boundary-setting and ability to focus on improving relationships.

·         Improved performance at work through better ability to concentrate and greater commitment to tasks.

On the flipside, when your self-confidence is low, you generally get the opposite of the benefits listed above: you struggle in your relationships and at work, you don’t feel very happy, you don’t cope well with stress, and you probably lack energy and motivation.

You may also suffer from self-limiting beliefs; these are beliefs that limit or constrain us in some way, and keep us from thinking, saying, or doing the things we want to do and the things that can help us grow.

These self-limiting beliefs generally fall into one of these categories:

I do/don’t – limiting beliefs regarding how we define ourselves.

I can’t – limiting beliefs in terms of our self-image and self-efficacy.

I should/shouldn’t – limiting beliefs that keep us stuck in self-judgment and even self-shame.

I am/am not – limiting beliefs that center on what we are or are not (e.g., “I am intelligent” vs. “I am stupid”).

Others are/will – limiting beliefs that focus on other people and what we assume they are thinking.

 If you find yourself falling into any of these traps, then you’ve come to the right place!

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