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Getting Stuck in Life

Getting Stuck in Life

Getting Stuck in Life

Many a time in life, we feel stuck and see no ray of hope, tend to cry, sleep, smoke or drink to forgot this emotion as these acts are more dominating and can help one forgot being stuck for a while and lead to even more confused state of mind.

For many of us, feeling stuck can be a very scary and self-critical place to be. It shows up in the gap between—one way of being in the world has ended, but the next is yet to come. Being Stuck arises when we are fighting off the omnipresent unknowns in life. One hangs around when there is a fork in the road—do I leave my relationship, change my career path, move my home base, or simply let go of what is no longer serving me in order to embrace what does?

In a world that celebrates progress, achievement, and forward movement, it is extremely challenging to gift ourselves the space that is needed to understand why we are feeling stuck. Instead, we often push our feelings of being stuck deep down inside of us, which allows them to develop into insecurities, doubts, ruminating thoughts, and overwhelming anxieties. As we try to think our way out of the discomfort, we completely miss the point. Feeling stuck is not a matter of the head—it’s a matter of the heart.

Here are my five tips on what to do if you are currently feeling stuck in life:

1. Listen to your body.

Your body is your wisest tool. When you experience an uncomfortable sensation or feeling in your body—don’t disregard it. Does it feel hot or cold? Contracted or open? Does it have a texture, color, sound, or smell?

2. Pay attention to your thoughts.

What you believe about yourself and the world around you creates your reality. If the record player inside of your head is on repeat with self-limiting beliefs and statements that hold you back from realigning with your highest truth, it’s impossible to become unstuck.

Replace yourself destructive inner monologue what you will never find with what you got and how  privileged you are.

3. Engage in wanderlust.

When we are stuck and out of alignment with our own truth, we are often engaged in the same routine day in and day out. We can’t hear the beating of our own heart because we haven’t let it beat in far too long. Go for a vacation.

4. Look for signs from the universe.

If you pay attention, the universe is constantly reorienting to support you on your path. Did a song come on the radio at the perfect time? Did a billboard speak to you? Did a stranger tell you exactly what you needed to hear? Did things fall into place with minimal to no effort? These aren’t just coincidences.

5. Share your feeling “being stuck”.

Human beings have a tendency to feel alone and unique in their experiences. The truth of the matter is, every single person on this planet has felt stuck at some point in their life. When we allow ourselves to share and be vulnerable with people we trust, we create movement—we open up the door to new possibilities. One of your friends may have a prospective job connection for you.

Many parents, teachers, friends, belief systems, and cultures will tell you not to listen to your truth, which keeps you feeling stuck and out of alignment with your highest self. But you’re playing small doesn’t serve the world. Practice listening to your body, paying attention to your thoughts, engaging in wanderlust, looking for signs from the universe, and advertising your “being stuck”.

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