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Post Marriage Individual Counselling

Post Marriage Individual Counselling

Post Marriage Individual Counselling

If you have experienced any of the following in your relationship or marriage, then you should contact us. If:

Your partner is taking you as granted and perform those activities which are not acceptable.

Your partner is emotionally compelling you.

Your partner is jealous of your popularity/presentations

Your partner uses verbal insults, mean language.

Your partner gets angry with you easily and frequently loses control on language.

Your partner has an extra-marital affair.

Your partner has different sets of rules for self and for you.

Your partner is very possessive and won’t let allow talking to family or friends.

Your partner criticizes your friends and family and asks you to stop seeing them.

Your partner scares you by driving fast, drinking too much or any other act.

Your partner has threatened to hurt you or has hurt you even if he/she is sorry afterwards.

Your partner makes threats to commit suicide, if you don’t obey or agree.

Your partner pressures you to do sexual things; you don’t want to do and puts you down when you refuse.

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