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Post Marriage Parents Counselling

Post Marriage Parents Counselling

Post Marriage Parents Counselling

The period between your wedding day and your first child is perhaps one of the most important stages of your life. This period sets the stage for the future of your marriage, children and even retired life!

The first year of marriage can be especially tough. It is normal for every couple, irrespective of how made for each other they may feel, to have struggles or issues. These struggles, if worked out, often contribute positively to the relationship, building deeper intimacy and companionship for later life.

The most important tasks that you and your spouse need to accomplish in this stage for a stable future are:

Congratulations on becoming a parent – one of the most beautiful yet challenging experiences in the world! Suddenly each day brings with it new joys, new struggles, new emotions and new challenges. The responsibility to take care of another life may seem overwhelming yet you wonder how you lived your life so far without this baby.

Emotionally accepting the new member into the family isn’t hard initially because babies come to us in cute innocent packages that open our hearts. Unfortunately, in the middle of the night we may wonder what we’ve become ourselves into. Nevertheless, we adjust the marital system to make space for our children - juggling childrearing, financial and household tasks.

Soon as the baby grows, challenges also grow – child care, school, academics, sibling rivalry, play, discipline, marital issues, role of grandparents, stress and work life balance take centre stage.

The most important tasks that you and your spouse need to accomplish in this stage for the wellbeing of your family are: • Adjusting your marital system to make space for your children. • Emotionally accepting new members into the system • Realigning your relationships with your extended family to include parenting and grand parenting roles. • Nurturing the child in all areas –physical, emotional, intellectual, social and spiritual • Facilitating children to develop peer relationships

Like marriage, none of us grew up with a text book for becoming good parents. So we learn on the job, often feeling we’re not good enough. Apart from the emotional stress, we may long for privacy and time with our spouse. And suddenly balancing between our baby, spouse, work, extended family and time with us seem daunting.

Now the responsibilities had been increased and time management become the issue. What and how one should could manage the changed responsibilities.

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