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Problem with Study

Problem with Study

Problem with Study

Experiencing difficulties with studies is faced by most of us at one time or the other, and overcoming these challenges is all part of the learning process, particularly when you have a large part to accomplish.

Unable to complete study courses tasks may vary from temporary glitches to chronic lack of motivation and low productivity. It can take what feels like extraordinary will-power to overcome these issues, but the important thing to remember is that they can be conquered with the right attitude. In this article, we address some of the most common study problems that can afflict students at any stage in their education, and discuss some strategies for dealing with them.

1.       You’re experiencing low motivation

Without internal motivation is it is nearly impossible to complete the tasks on time. Low motivation may be experienced either for certain subjects - You are tired and stressed, with too much to do or maybe the things happening in your life, meaning studying doesn’t feel important right now or your anxious or worried about the failure.


2.       Too many distractions

There are so many external stimuli these days that it’s little wonder that many students feel distracted. Social media, friends, phone, television, video games and outings all have a part to play in wreaking havoc on students’ ability to focus on studying. If you feel your productivity is suffering from a multitude of distractions, it’s time to change your working environment to one more conducive to studying.

3.       Low or Poor Concentration

Even when you’ve eliminated distractions, concentration can still be a major issue. It’s not just possible but common to lose focus and experience a dramatic drop in productivity. If you’re unable to concentrate because you have something on your mind, you need to try to clear your head before you start working, else it will hinder your productivity. It may help to write the problem down on paper, or to talk to someone about it; going for a brisk walk or doing some exercise may also enable you to get it off your chest before you try to start work.

4.       You have difficulty remembering facts and figures:

A common complaint among students at any stage in their education is that it’s difficult to remember all the information necessary for answering exam questions effectively. Learning things properly in the first place will help your recollection come exam time and having a professional guide for improving memory is of outmost important.

People wait too long before they seek professional guidance, but the success is faster the sooner you will have a coach or guide to help you pursue you task within the set deadlines.  A guide help you analyse where are stuck and help you come out of it on your own.


If you find yourself falling into any of these traps, then you’ve come to the right place!

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