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Pre Marriage Counseling

Pre-Marriage Counseling

The most essential ground rule to live a happy married life is to accept our spouse the way they are. Everyone has different beliefs, thinking patterns, opinions, and viewpoints. So it is natural that no two people think alike. Hence, we can say that marriage is a merger of two separate sets of beliefs and mindsets. Due to these unlike mindsets, a couple tends to differ in terms of the way they deal with different matters in life. These differences create conflict in marriage, thus resulting in an unhappy marriage.

Post Marriage Counseling

Post-Marriage Counseling

Every marriage faces hard times. Sometimes we overschedule our time or money, and the pressure builds. Sometimes an unexpected illness or accident threatens our well-laid plans. Sometimes our attempts at a project result in only frustration, or a misunderstanding creates hard feelings. Sometimes outside stuff comes against us that threaten your sense of normalcy.