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Setting and Meeting your Goals

Setting and Meeting your Goals

Setting and Meeting your Goals

Our lives without a purpose or goal feel delusive and we often tend to feel clueless about where the life is going. Therefore, GOALS are important essence of life and once one goal is achieved we set another goal to keep us moving.


Goals make us feel alive and living for them is a true form of living. But what is needed to achieve it? Just like anything else it requires commitment, dedication, time and patience. The more you are committed, the closer you get to you goal by each passing day.


In the age of internet and peer pressure, one can easily be distracted from their real goal and fulfil the target set for them by others. Is it true way of living? No, it isn’t, as no one can know your goals other than you. Sometimes, one may also need guidance to realize their goal.  Meeting goals takes time and there are many ups and downs on the way. And it’s ok. It is ok!!!


The problem is that when the goal is not met or taking time, people often complain of not having support system or feel low due to other setbacks. Goals are never easy and also not meant to be easy or achievable.  It is a journey to find out who you truly are.


The biggest problem that youth is facing today is unable to decide their goals and to meet them.  A little set back and they change their goals, motivation and even friends circle. According to a study in UK Institute of Behavioural Development, people often do not understand the path to achieve their goals and without proper guidance and analysis one may face heavy loses.


A professional coach or a counsellor is a person who know you in and out and your goals. It can help you not only figure your goals but also how to remain consistent on the path before you succeed.  All famous personalities and people in higher positions have some coach or counsellor to talk with. They seek for a support system or an advice which is can them really resolves an issue.


Goal actualization may be the biggest creator of man-made frustration in our modern era. The foundation for achieving big goals takes three things:


1.       Mindset - Your mindset ensures you have the skills to think correctly. This includes but isn’t limited to believing in yourself, having confidence, managing fears we all have — and an attitude that knows how to win.


2.       Skill-Set- The more you learn and experience, the more you master your skill. Skill-set requires a lot of practice and experience — and it needs to get seen by the field and market itself.


3.       Tool set - The right tool set often means the right technology, capital or other help to deeply master your craft, understand the people you’re working with or selling to and reaching them (the market) in the best way you can. The fact of the matter is, mentors will help anyone when they see promise and they feel like they look good by making an introduction for you.


A professional can help you find out whether you have it all to achieve your goals or if there ways to built something you don’t have in order to meet you goals.


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