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Shopping Addiction

Shopping Addiction

Shopping Addiction

Most people find it as a perfect activity to bond with their friends and feel content after having shopped. This is the one of shortest lived joy as soon after it goes away, one may find urge to shop something may or may not be of use of them, in order to have a happy feeling.

If you shop once in a while or the necessary stuff that you are not in the group of shopping addicts. Thus, it is always encouraged to check on yourself whether or not you shop just like that.

Shopping addiction or compulsive shopping is a disorder in which one engages in a pattern of chronic, repetitive purchasing and shopping that he or she cannot stop, even after severe negative consequences. Compulsive buying disorder (CBD) is the term used by the American Psychiatric Association to describe compulsive shopping or shopping addiction.

When considering shopping addiction, one may think it’s merely irresponsibility with finances or lack of maturity that requires no more than a person to change his or her behaviour. However, this disorder circles around the process of spending, and the addict does not have strong will to control over him or herself, nor can the behaviour merely be stopped. Ending of compulsive shopping requires treatment, just as with any other addiction or impulse control disorder, like pathological gambling (gambling addiction). Much like those suffering from any behavioural addiction, a shopping addict’s behaviours can be linked to his or her pain, trauma, and co-occurring disorders.

Some people develop shopping addiction as a way to try and boost their self-esteem, although it doesn't tend to be very effective for this. Overcoming this is very important.

Top Five Things to Know About Shopping Addiction

1.       Due to trauma in one’s life, a person may tend to shop.

2.       People who struggle with shopping addiction typically spend more time and money on shopping than they can afford, and many get into financial problems as a result of their overspending.

3.       As with other addictions, shopping addiction is usually a way of coping with the emotional pain and difficulty of life, and it tends to make things worse rather than better for the shopper.

It is important and necessary to seek for a professional advice in order to resolve this issue. This may seem small but without proper guidance and help, this can turn into a havoc creating extreme financial trouble for oneself.

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