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Stress and Anxiety Addiction

Stress and Anxiety Addiction

Stress and Anxiety Addiction

It does not matter how funny and unbelievable it may sound but people are now frequently having stress & anxiety addiction due to several reason like not getting what they want, traumatic childhood, abusive and dependent partner, having little or no support from loved one. Anxiety is a state of mind which makes one believe anything that is going to happen in future or event would be a failure. In order words fear of failures in different aspects of life – physically (being victim of body shaming), mentally (feeling to be cut off from the social network and develop a people pleasing habit or losing loved one) and financially (not able to make a big move or having lost a fortune).

Stressing is a mental activity impacting brain adversely. These people have issues rooted mostly in their childhood or due to a trauma in the recent past. The most common problem that they may face and advisable to meet a therapist or a counsellor:

1.       Thinking: Difficult concentrating or focusing can impact one’s ability to function, increase anxiety, and affect their ability to make decisions. Many seek drugs, smoke or even alcohol such as highly addictive to focus and counter these symptoms.


2.       Socializing: Social anxiety can contribute to drug use and interfere with recovery. The thought of attending get together, judgement of others can invoke intense feelings of fear and anxiety.


3.       Sleeping: Anxiety and depression are linked with sleep disturbances and drugs or alcohol is often a solution for those who are always struggling what’s on their mind. Stimulants and other drugs can make this problem worse, leading to a cycle in which poor sleep/anxiety leads to drug use, the substances exacerbate the problem, and the person takes more to compensate.


Should there are such issues in your loved ones or family members, it is suggested to seek for a professional advice before things get worse. A plan series of professional guidance can help an individual to come out of their struggling mind set and let go of old pattern of anxiety and stress.

Only if life is stress free, one can truly enjoy what one had and does not get depressed for not having what is not there or cannot be there. One may feel extremely liberating in stress free life.

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