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The Institute is a reputed leader in the field of Alternative Therapies. It is situated in the New Delhi, a city that is acknowledged as rich in center of culture and traditions. International Institute of Alternative Healing Delhi is committed to providing excellence both in its curriculum as well as its treatments. International Institute of Alternative Healing in India and to that aim, we pay strict attention to the quality of our syllabus as well as the faculty that imparts the training. International Institute of Alternative Healing Delhi is now gaining acclaim as a quality Alternative Healing Institute for its excellence in the field of alternative / complementary therapies and health promotion in India it teaches the students the details of the study of and research into various alternative therapies and provides a high standard of training and education in the different disciplines of alternative / complementary therapies. It is not limited to that, it also trains the students practically so that they are well prepared to take crucial decisions regarding the welfare of their patients in their future professional lives.

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Course Calendar

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